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Orchestra of Samples

Orchestra of Samples has been a huge undertaking! Twelve years spent recording musicians around the world, while on the road touring. We wanted to create a project that brought together as many musicians as we could from all backgrounds, both cultural and musical – an impractical task in the real... Read more

UCL Public Art

We’ve been awarded a research grant from UCL - University College London - to research and develop an idea for a public art installation for the new UCL East campus in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in east London, which will be part of the East Bank regeneration project -... Read more

Liberty EU

Commissioned as part of the Liberty EU programme, we’ve created “Sounds of Sanctuary” – an installation for the Journeys Festival, involving recording a number of musicians refugees and sanctuary seekers who’ve settled in the UK and Europe, from countries including Iran, Syria, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo and Turkestan. Read more

Join the Docks

Recording, sampling and using London’s Royal Docks like a giant drum machine! Once the largest enclosed docks in the world, London’s Royal Docks is currently one of the most significant regeneration projects in the UK and, taking place across the 4 km stretch of the historic area, Join the Docks... Read more

Our Journeys

Commissioned as part of the Brent 2020 London Borough of Culture programme, Our Journeys is a 30 minute film that collects interviews with Brent residents describing the struggles and challenges in their lives which brought them to the UK and Brent. Read more

Connections Through Culture

Connections Through Culture is an arts initiative from the British Council in East Asia.  Their now decade long programme in China has supported a great number of arts professionals, and this new open call was launched in Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Read more

Dhol Addiction

Dhol Addiction is the new collaborative project we're working on with East London's Dhol Academy and is a commission by the organisers of the London Mela - the largest festival in Europe celebrating Asian culture, music and food. Read more


Supported by Arts Council England and organised by Addictive TV and local community music project Stow-Lab, Plugged is a music initiative founded in 2019 and based in the Waltham Forest area of London.  Set-up to encourage a wider participation in innovative music making with technology, through social events and workshops,... Read more

Borough of Culture 2019

Addictive TV were asked to create an installation based on Orchestra of Samples for the opening event, projected on the Town Hall for three days in early January 2019. To create the piece, we recorded and sampled a large number of local musicians from across the borough playing all manner... Read more

F.I.E. fencing remix

Set up way back in 1913, the FIE - Fédération Internationale d'Escrime - is the international governing body of Olympic fencing, more commonly known as the International Fencing Federation. We were asked by the FIE to create a dynamic video remix of famous fencing and sword fighting scenes from films... Read more

Antardrishti – Inner Vision

An international stage production funded by Unlimited, the arts body supporting projects led by disabled artists, Antardrishti - Inner Vision is a performance project headed by renowned blind sitarist Baluji Shrivastav OBE, featuring blind musicians from both the UK and India. Read more

Splice Festival

Founded in 2016, Addictive TV's Graham Daniels and producer/manager Francoise Lamy joined forces with a group of like-minded fellow artists including Elasticeye and The Light Surgeons to create Splice - a festival focusing on live audiovisual performing arts. The festival is also the UK partner to the AV Node -... Read more

Dota2 World Championships

There's no doubting that e-sports championships are huge these days and Addictive TV were asked to create and perform a special short AV set at multi-player game DOTA2’s All Star Weekend championships in October 2017 at the famous Mall of Asia in Manila, The Philippines. Read more

Satore Studios showreel

Satore Studios' leading designer and light artist Tupac Martir asked us to create the opening for his 'Evening with...' event hosted by Wallpaper magazine editor at the time Tony Chambers which took place at London's Victoria & Albert Museum. Martir, once described by Vogue as "the visual designer and creative... Read more

Pirineos Sur anniversary

In the Southern mountains of the Pyrenees the huge Spanish festival of world cultures Pirineos Sur takes place, we were asked to play the closing slot in 2016, straight after Spanish rock megastar Banbury on the main stage which floats on a lake! The 2016 edition was the 25th anniversary... Read more

UK’s 4DX launch

Cineworld in the city of Milton Keynes become the first 4DX cinema in the UK and Addictive TV were asked to create a special AV installation of forthcoming movies for the launch event to be shown in 4DX, including Fast & Furious 7, the Colin Firth actioner Kingsman: The Secret... Read more

Remix for broadcaster Arte

French-German television channel Arte, reaching their 100th edition of their specialist cinema programme Blow Up, asked us to sample and remix Michelangelo Antonioni's hugely influential classic 1966 movie of the same name for their website. Everybody remembers the 90's hit 'Groove is in the Heart' by Deee Lite, but not... Read more

History Channel Vikings remix

Sampling both the soundtrack and the series itself, we were asked to create an audiovisual remix of hit historical drama series Vikings for it's European launch event that was held in Warsaw, Poland. The series was A+E Networks broadcaster the History Channel's first foray into drama and is written by... Read more

Channel 5’s Gadget Show Live

After working with Channel 5's The Gadget Show creating a remix for them of footage to test the new iPhone, Addictive TV were asked to sample and remix a decade of the televison show for a live performance as part of The Gadget Show Live - the UK’s biggest consumer... Read more

Street Fighter x Tekken launch video

For the first time in video gaming, two publishers joined forces - Capcom and Namco - mashing-up two games into one where Street Fighter and Tekken series' characters all fight it out! We were asked to create a track for the game's launch (for gaming sites to upload and share)... Read more

Paris Electronic Week

For the 15th anniversary of the French Techno Parade, during Paris Electronic Week (September 2013), Addictive TV were commissioned by Parisian arts institution The Pompidou Centre to collaborate with visionary French animators and directors H5 - the creatives behind Logorama, the 2010 Best Short Film Oscar winner. For the anniversary,... Read more

Green Mouse, France

We were asked by a new venue being built in Epinal, France, called "La Souris Verte" (The Green Mouse) to create an audio/video mix for their forthcoming website. The peice would be created from sampling footage of the demolition of the old cinema that stood on the site of where... Read more

Greenpeace, WaterAid & Oxfam

Created for the main stage screens at Glastonbury Festival 2014, the video was played during each band change-over throughout the 3 days. We were asked to create the joint charities video, as 2014 was the first year that the three charities who benefit from the festival - WaterAid, Oxfam and... Read more

Institut National de l’Audiovisuel

In June 2012, the Paris based Mashup Film Festival asked Addictive TV and well known French mash-up artist DJ Zebra to work with the French archive organisation INA - the Institut National de l'Audiovisuel to create a live AV performance piece from their film and television archives for the festival's... Read more


The French word 'contenus' means 'contained' but also means 'content' (as in creating content) and the Ososphere arts festival in France asked us to create a video installation on the subject of shipping containers, as the festival is held in the port area of Strasbourg. The shoot took place in... Read more

Europa League TV advert

UK broadcaster Channel Five asked us to create an ident for their coverage of UEFA's 2010 Europa League. Sampling a number of football matches from the competition, we created the music purely from the sounds of football, so it's just what you see - headers, passes, tackles, the refs whistle... Read more


Working on a project for J&B Whiskey in 2011 that would see the sounds of a city brought to life via music, all created from sampling those city sounds, marketing agency RPM commissioned Addictive TV to create the pilot for the City Soundtracks series. Sampling the sights and sounds of... Read more

Sims3 launch commercial

EA Games, the World's leading independent developer and publisher of video games, asked us to create a commercial remixing The Sims3 life simulation game for its release. The Sims has a rich history of artistic involvement with the game, artists from Katy Perry and Lily Allen to Depeche Mode, Junkie... Read more

Slumdog Millionaire

Sampling Slumdog Millionaire for its vibrant sounds and images, and reworking them into an alternative trailer / audiovisual remix, we were asked by the film's Worldwide distributors Pathé, on director Danny Boyle's say so after he'd seen our work, to give the film the unique Addictive TV treatment. Slumdog Millionaire,... Read more

Red Bull X-Fighters

How about some real 'motorbike music'? Addictive TV were asked to sample the sights and sounds of the entire 2009 Red Bull X-Fighters competition rounds - from Mexico to Spain - and produce music from those samples, creating the opening video for the 2009 Red Bull X-Fighters World Finals in... Read more

Fast & Furious

When the 4th film in the Vin Diesel action blockbuster series came out, Universal asked us to give Fast & Furious the Addictive TV remix treatment. This alternative trailer (below) featured on the film's official site and was used for online advertising and sharing on social media. Burning rubber, skids... Read more

Iron Man

Back in 2008 Paramount Pictures asked Addictive TV to remix the first Iron Man movie, to create an alternative trailer that could reach websites and blogs that traditional film trailers can't reach. A high profile example of this was the home page of Wired Magazine, where the editor said "It... Read more

‘Sportive’ installation

Sportive was an installation we created for both Paris based arts organisation Talents and the Opera Gallery and for Adidas as part of the official 2008 Olympics "Sport in Art" exhibition in China. We produced this video installation from sampling the Adidas archive, nothing else was added, just purely the... Read more

The Eye of the Pilot

Produced in 2004 and supported by French arts board Arcadi as part of their experimental multimedia grants, The Eye of the Pilot was a live cinema project based on the private 8mm film archive of French pilot Raymond Lamy.  With never publicly seen footage from the early 1950s of Karachi,... Read more
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