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Orchestra of Samples

Orchestra of Samples has been a huge undertaking! Twelve years spent recording musicians around...
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UCL Public Art

We’ve been awarded a research grant from UCL - University College London - to...
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Liberty EU

Commissioned as part of the Liberty EU programme, we’ve created “Sounds of Sanctuary” –...
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Our residency with Norwich School is now finished, and what an incredible experience performing with so many students. Organised by cultural arts company Music Worldwide and the prestigious Norwich School in Norfolk, we worked with music students on a special one-off performance of ‘Orchestra of Samples‘ performing it at the Norwich Playhouse in early 2024. You can read a full story on the project’s website blog here.


Known for their audio/video sampling talents, Addictive TV are the artist collective described by The Times as “Responsible for mind-bending live entertainment” and by DJ Mag as “famed for their eye-popping live shows“. Addictive TV have been at the forefront of AV remixing for two decades and were the first artists allowed by a major studio to officially remix a movie. From Hollywood to community projects and performing internationally, they’ve worked with Paramount Studios, EA Games, Greenpeace, London Borough of Culture, British Council, Newcastle University, Pompidou Centre, UNESCO’s Humanities Arts & Society, all to continue pushing boundaries and exploring new ideas. Full biography here.


  • Jul21 Exmouth, Devon Exmouth Festival

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