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Orchestra of Samples

Orchestra of Samples has been a huge undertaking! Ten years spent recording musicians around...
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Liberty EU

Commissioned as part of the Liberty EU programme, we’re working with Somali-British poet Momtaza...
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Join the Docks

Recording, sampling and using London’s Royal Docks like a giant drum machine! Once the...
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We’ve been commissioned by cultural arts organisation ArtReach as part of their 2021-2022 pan-European Liberty EU project. We’re working with Somali-British poet Momtaza Mehri, arts producer Sashwati Sengupta and a number of sanctuary seekers from across Europe – all musicians skilled with instruments from their home countries. We’ll be creating a piece of work in the vein of Orchestra of Samples for an installation later this year. ArtReach are commissioning at least 75 new collaborative works. More details soon.


Known for their audio/video sampling talents, Addictive TV are the collective described by XLR8R as “Light years beyond the gallery realm of masters like Bill Viola” and by The Times as “Responsible for mind-bending live entertainment“. Addictive TV have been at the forefront of AV remixing for nearly two decades and were the first artists sanctioned by Hollywood to remix a film. Having now performed in over 50 countries and created work for the likes of Greenpeace, Red Bull, Paramount Studios, EMI and EA Games, they continue to push boundaries and explore new ideas! Full biography here.


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