Once the largest enclosed docks in the world, London’s Royal Docks is currently one of the most significant regeneration projects in the UK and, taking place across the 4 km stretch of the historic area, Join the Docks is their annual festival celebrating creativity and community.  Our project Drum & Docks has been selected for their Autumn 2020 programme that sought projects using the Royal Docks as a creative playground.

An installation that sees percussionists play everything from railings and walls to the actual buildings and local landmarks, Drum & Docks blends music and architecture where the Royal Docks themselves become the actual instruments, showcasing both local drumming talent and the magnificence of the Royal Docks themselves.  We’re creating the piece with the participation of Newham Music, Flat 50 Arts and East London’s Dhol Academy – who’ve since the 1980’s nurtured thousands of talented drummers playing dhol, the double-headed drum widely used throughout the Indian subcontinent.

The video will premiere in East London at Silvertown’s Silver Building in the Royal Docks on November 20th  2020.  To attend this free event, register on Eventbrite here.

Then on Thursday 3rd December will be an online Q&A session with the artists behind the project.  Also free to join, please register on Eventbrite here.