In the Southern mountains of the Pyrenees, Pirineos Sur – the huge Spanish festival of world cultures – takes place every year.  We were asked to play the closing slot in 2016, on the main stage (which floats on a lake) straight after Spanish rock megastar Banbury!  The 2016 edition was the 25th anniversary of the festival and we were also commissioned to produce a special track sampling and remixing headline performances from over the years, including artists such as Imelda May, Suzanne Vega, Amadou & Mariam, Martirio and many many others!  Here’s the short two minute online version we created for the festival’s promotional use.

Addictive TV / Pirineos Sur 2016

Playing the 25th edition of Spain's Pirineos Sur this Saturday! The festival got us to sample and remix headliners from over the years (Imelda May, Suzanne Vega, Amadou & Mariam and others), here's a 2 minute taster!

Posted by Addictive TV on Tuesday, 26 July 2016