17th June 2021
Zoom (via Eventbrite.com)
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Meet the Artists : Ribab Jam

From the heart of the Moroccan desert, Addictive TV shine a light on the little-known but important instrument from Morocco’s Amazigh culture (pronounced ‘Ama-ziah’, and formally known as ‘Berber’) – the Ribab, a traditional and often bejewelled single-stringed instrument played with a bow.

With 11 musicians sampled for Ribab Jam, this track contains more instruments than any other in our whole Orchestra of Samples project. More info here: www.orchestraofsamples.com/releases/ribab-jam

During the Zoom session, artist Graham Daniels and his creative partners will explain how they made the piece, from recording to composing with samples. Plus from Morocco to Colombia, musicians who took part in the recordings will also join the discussion.