Addictive TV have created work for EA Games, Red Bull, Paramount, Universal, 20th Century Fox, Adidas and many others.  Check out the examples of their work below.

<b>Cineworld 4DX launch</b>
Title: Cineworld 4DX launch
Client: Itch / Cineworld
Movie remix for launch event of UK's first 4DX cinema
<b>The Green Mouse</b>
Title: The Green Mouse
Client: La Souris Verte
Commissioned music and video to launch new venue
<b>VIKINGS <i>(launch mix)</i></b>
Title: VIKINGS (launch mix)
Client: Rubicon/A+E network
AV remix of Vikings television series for launch event
<b>Glastonbury 2014</b>
Title: Glastonbury 2014
Client: Greenpeace
Joint charities video for Glastonbury Festival 2014
<b>Addictive TV vs H5</b>
Title: Addictive TV vs H5
Client: Pompidou Centre
Collaboration with Oscar winning animators H5
<b>THTC vs Addictive TV</b>
Title: THTC vs Addictive TV
Client: THTC
Remix for eco-fashion label THTC for social media use.
<b>Blow Up Remixed</b>
Title: Blow Up Remixed
Client: Arte
Remix for French television channel Arte.
<b>Street Fighter x Tekken</b>
Title: Street Fighter x Tekken
Client: Sponge Worldwide
Commercial for video game Street Fighter x Tekken.
Title: Contenus
Client: Ososphere (France)
Installation for the Ososphere arts festival, Strasbourg.
<b>The Gadget Show</b>
Title: The Gadget Show
Client: North One Television
Created for The Gadget Show testing the iphone camera
<b>XChanges Showreel</b>
Title: XChanges Showreel
Client: XChanges (Italy)
Remixed showreel for Italy's leading special effects house.
<b>Europa League</b> (v.2)
Title: Europa League (v.2)
Client: Channel 5
50 second commercial for UEFA’s Europa League.
<b>Europa League</b> (v.1)
Title: Europa League (v.1)
Client: Channel 5
15 second commercial for UEFA’s Europa League.
<b>Paper Cuts</b>
Title: Paper Cuts
Client: IdN Magazine
Covermount DVD for design magazine IdN’s 100th issue.
<B>Slumdog Millionaire</b>
Title: Slumdog Millionaire
Client: Pathé International
Official alternative trailer for Slumdog Millionaire.
<b>J&B London Sounds</b>
Title: J&B London Sounds
Client: RPM agency
Pilot for a 2011 online campaign for J&B Whiskey.
<b>Sims3 (ATV remix)</b>
Title: Sims3 (ATV remix)
Client: EA Games
Online commercial for Sims3 Worldwide launch.
Title: Sportive
Client: Adidas
Installation for ‘Sport in Art’ exhibition. Beijing Olympics.
<b>X-Fighters 2009</b>
Title: X-Fighters 2009
Client: Red Bull
Opening video for Red Bull X-Fighters World Final 2009
<b>Iron Man</b>
Title: Iron Man
Client: Paramount Pictures
Official alternative trailer for Iron Man.
<b>Fast & Furious</b>
Title: Fast & Furious
Client: Universal
Official alternative trailer for Vin Diesel's Fast & Furious.
<b>Tekkon Kinkreet</b>
Title: Tekkon Kinkreet
Client: Third Ear / Sony
Japanese television commercial & DVD/CD extra
<b>Easy Virtue</b>
Title: Easy Virtue
Client: Pathé International
Official alternative trailer for Stephan Elliot's Easy Virtue.

In January 2015 we performed at the Cineworld launch event for the UK's first 4DX cinema, the multi-sensory movie experience (smells and mist / water are pumped and sprayed into the auditorium and all the seats move like a simulator ride). Addictive TV were asked to remix forthcoming movies to be shown in 4DX, including Fast & Furious 7, Colin Firth's Kingsman: The Secret Service, the Moby Dick epic Heart of the Sea and Jupiter Ascending from Matrix directors The Wachowskis. The video above is a short online version, as the original was much longer and designed specifically for a wrap-around LED screen.