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Once so eloquently described as ‘next level shit’ by Grandmaster Flash, British electronic collective Addictive TV create music with a difference; it’s music you can see.  They’re “responsible for mind-bending live entertainment” according to UK newspaper The Times.  US entertainment magazine Paste said “Addictive TV completely blew my mind! …a compelling popculture audiovisual avalanche!” while in the past DJ Magazine twice voted them Number One VJ in the World alongside their Top 100 DJ Poll, saying “they’ve become famed for their eye-popping live shows, shredding and cutting film with beats into a heady, mind-meltingly funky mixture”.

In their work, Addictive TV delve deep into movies and videos hunting for sounds and images to sample, creating music that fuses everything from electronic to rock. Borrowing from hip-hop’s cut ‘n’ paste methodology, as British newspaper The Guardian put it, “Addictive TV continue to take hip-hop‘s scratch philosophy into the cyberpunk age”. They create their music by keeping the audio and video samples together, so their fans get to see more than just a DJ, more than just graphics or visuals; they get to experience music in a genuinely unique way. Everything from football to Star Trek gets remixed. It’s entertainment Jim, but not as we know it!

Criss-crossing the music and art worlds, Addictive TV have appeared everywhere from the Pompidou Centre in Paris and the Birds Nest Olympic Stadium in Beijing, to international clubs such as Razzmatazz in Barcelona, Womb in Tokyo and Mighty in San Francisco. They’ve now played in more than 50 countries, at events including the UK’s Glastonbury Festival, SXSW in Texas USA and back in 2011 the World’s largest ever silent disco, held in France for 10,000 clubbers with headphones!  On the directing and sound design front, Addictive TV have created commercials and video installations for the likes of Adidas, EA Games and Red Bull. Hollywood studios including Paramount, Universal and 20th Century Fox, have all used their movie mashing talents to create alternative trailers for films including Iron Man, Fast & Furious and Danny Boyle’s Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire.

Their latest project is ‘Orchestra of Samples’, where they filmed improvised recording sessions with over 200 musicians around the world, from West Africa and Asia to South America and across Europe.  Sampling this unique archive to then produce music, fusing all manner of instruments and genres to create a virtual supergroup of international artists who never met but play together on-screen.

“they’ve become famed for their eye-popping live shows, shredding and cutting film with beats into a heady, mind-meltingly funky mixture” DJ MAGAZINE

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